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Optimal control technology for gas turbines

HEINZMANN UK has a team of field service engineers to install, commission, repair or maintain HEINZMANN UK products. All the engineers are trained in HEINZMANN UK products and their applications.

Control Upgrades

We recommend replacement of mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic controls with electronic controls. Older technology is no longer reliable and more costly to support. New 24 VDC electronic systems are more reliable and provide high quality data and operational information.

Older rotating machinery control can be brought up to date using electrical actuation and  instrumentation. Replacing analogue temperature and pressure switches, with more cost effective and accurate transmitters. Combined with PLC control and protection systems, we can use the information from these transmitters to build a full picture for the operators of the operational state, past and present, of the turbine plant.

RE Hydraulic Governor 1500 3G

Control Cabinets

Modern system technology provides entirely electric / electronic control, which will allow the removal of the original servo-oil system and associated hydro-mechanical controls.

The benefits from higher intrinsic reliability and ease of maintenance of the electronic controls, provide a rapid return on investment. Removal of the original controls will considerably simplify the engine, operation and planned maintenance.

RE Hydraulic Governor 1500 3G

Repair & Overhauls

  • Overhaul, repair and recertification of HEINZMANN UK products
  • Service exchange repair system on many products.
  • Zero hour full warranty back to base repairs for all HEINZMANN UK products
  • HEINZMANN ATEX products repairs
  • Control system repair and replacement / upgrade
Repair & Overhauls

Maintenance Service

Our comprehensive service capabilities include any of the following:

Working in panel

  • Upgrade survey and inspection for HEINZMANN Systems
  • Fuel system troubleshooting / fault finding
  • Competitive upgrade proposals
  • Mechanical systems replacement and upgrade
  • Remote condition monitoring systems
  • Product training for Heinzmann products
  • Live phone / internet based support
  • Field based engineer support

Service for HEINZMANN Products

RE Digital Governor XIOS UC

HEINZMANN UK further offers service and mechanical / electrical maintenance for the complete HEINZMANN product range of governors and actuators.

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